HeART of Healing Gallery has moved its LARGE textile collection to the Antique Galleria at 212 Broadway, right in the Heart of Downtown Paducah!  Hours open are Tuesday through Saturday from 10am to 6 pm (till 7 pm on Fridays and till 9 pm on Saturdays), and noon to 5 pm on Sunday (closed on Monday).  We have a rapidly expanding collection of vintage kimono including many shibori as well as some uchikake (ceremonial wedding kimono).  We are also building the Obi collection and are offering Maru Obi (12 feet long with embroidery on both sides) as well as fukuru and nagoya obi.

We have been collecting and gathering lots of special fabrics, such as vintage cotton kimono fabric in bolts as well as pieces, dozens of vintage kimono, scores of Hmong pandau squares in all colors of the rainbow, and our specialty, Molas and molitas.



We have undoubtedly one of the largest collections of molas in the South, and are lucky enough to have many molas made by Diana, one of the finest living Kuna artists.

 Curandero with Nuchus and Woman, Diana Valquez

While many molas are displayed on this site, there are far, far more in the shop! Plus we have hundreds of exquisite molitas, both applique and mola style. 

 Molitas Molita strips  Kuna head scarves Kuna skirts


We have recently opened an online store on Etsy which serves our need for a shopping cart, checkout system and inventory control. Keep an eye out as we build our inventory there: www.heartofhealing.etsy.com
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